The Flame

I walked along this road
Thinking about what happened here
No people no critters nothing in sight
It’s empty it’s old but I do see a light

With that light I smell smoke
See a building is ablaze
The smell of oil is overwhelming
The smell of burning blood

I did not understand why the fire was here
An abandoned town no one in sight
I heard scratching inside and was filled with fear
For someone was in there the shadow in the light

At that moment I felt as if the two sides of me were screaming to help them
I obeyed and I ran but I couldn’t make it
I heard a crash I smelt more blood
My fear had just come true

Someone was in there
Someone like me
Lost and alone
Wanting to be free

I then heard another
Another voice another person
I ran to get the authorities
Then I heard the frightening news

There was yet another
A volunteer
In the fire in a box where no one can hear
I ran even faster to try and save his life

I ran and I ran
That was the last I saw of that place
All that remains
Is a white and purple bear

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