The Flash in the Night

The bold flash, the crack in the sky
The wind is vicious as it whips on by
It was quiet, all calm and so still
It came out of nowhere and does what it will
The trees start to SWay
The birds have flown away
The lighting has lite up the night
As if it were day
Out of the corner of your eye you see
The wind picking up the lifeless tree
The rain has started coming down like a flood
The two together seen out to draw blood
The calm is gone replaced by a terrible storm
This one is different, it is not the norm
Howling and growling, pelting hard rain
The light dancing around in the sky
The cracking and whipping of 100 mile wind
Tossing things that you will never see again
Now it is quiet
Has it come to an end
Or is this just the calm of the turbulence to come

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