The Flight of a Leaf

The Flight of a Leaf
Crackled and dry, wrinkled and worn,
Its stem all twisted, its edges all torn,
From the heavens it had fluttered, tattered and old,
Now it shivered on the deck, alone in the cold.
The poor little leaf stared up at the tree,
High in its branches where his home used to be.
He used to hang high, his head held erect,
Colorful and bright 'til he fell to the deck.
He shone in the sun and fluttered in the breeze,
Breathing in sunlight with heart full of ease.
With his friends all around him, he grew on his stem,
His colorful green hue just as bright as a gem.
But restless Mother Nature was merc'less and mean,
With her cool freezing breath, away went the green.
The leaf watched, aghast, as his color faded 'way,
Turning red and then brown within one short day.
The leaf, so ashamed, dropped his weary head,
For gone was his green, his yellow, his red.
His colorless friends soon heard Nature's call,
And the leaf stared in fear as his peers began to fall.
Soon the leaf, alone on his skinny cold stick,
Discovered his arms were losing their grip.
He tried to hang on, he put up a fight,
But his shriveled arms fell, and alas, he took flight.

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