The Florida Gem

This, then, is Florida glamour and beauty:
the palms, the stones and the architect's
tool and brush;the smith's hand, others.
The golden stem of palms
swaying and bluffing, with domed
feather hat fluttering in the wind
with base butt rooted to the ground
come into glaring view that
appeals to the very eye that sees them;

The smith's hand wrought into shape,
structures crafted for ego,
to bed dames for pleasure and procreation.
Architect's brush shapes the landscape

And see pageant heritage
across cultures; see attire boutiques
and fashion extraordinaire.

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This Poems Story

Poets are immortalized by their works. I have always wanted to be a poet. Imitation accomplishes this goal. I read poetry immensely. Speaker is thrilled by nature on the land and captures the scenery of plants, trees and palms, the pomp and pagentry of Florida's fashion revolution; tourists bring own cultural fashion heritage as well, culminating in a melting pot of fashion. This spectacular moment is reminiscent of Ezra Pound's experience with a charming, thronging crowd, in a station upn alighting from a train, in England. My wife and I are expecting a baby boy, pre-named Mosieri.