The Flow Of Truth

As above, So below
Let God in and now you know,
that the flesh is aging slow,
Yet the soul only grows,
Seek God below and he will show,
That above is right here so below,
Like snow and rain are one in the same,
Perception guides the son to holy fame,
While deception blinds the holy faith,
Yet the son still comes up each day,
Too shine light on the holy grey,
Yet they still can't see his holy name,
So they gather hoping to be saved,
Surely he will come so brave,
Too put an end to this sensless blame,
He will judge the leaders of hate,
While saving the poor but when is the date?
nobody knows not even above same as below,
Let the soul guide you then you will know,
That you are the son with Holy Ghost,
so let it be known too all of the souls,
As above is below so show your love
And together we will grow.

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The now to the ever flowing future.