The Flow of Words you did not want to say

By Harper   

When the world drops something on your shoulders
You try to hold it up
But when it's too much
You drop it
You spit it out
But when you're done
You wish you didn't say anything
Because now you are alone
With no one around
The world won
It pushed you to the ground
The volcano erupted
Your words spilled out
And there is no getting them back
You mouth is in control
It has taken over your body
You feel like you were just beaten up and all bloody
Now you have to filter
Your words won't stop running away from you
And it not a pretty view
You feel insecure
You are falling through a black hole and don't know where the end is
You don't care what anyone says
You just say how you feel and there is no stopping you
From saying something that is true
Now you are moving around and there is no control what is about to happen you throw something across the room
You bang on the wall to make a loud boom
But no attention comes to you
You have no one to talk to
But you have yourself a pencil and a paper
To write about your feelings taking over
But no one would understand
And when it's over
You just wait for another overflow of words i wish i did not say

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