The Flower

Kate Kouhi
The flower
I grow and grow
I do not choose how.
What you see is not
The same as I see.

You say I am beautiful
I say not
You say I am skinny
I say not
You say I am graceful
I say not

Someday I will learn to see it.
But your words don’t change my perspective.

I say I am fat
You say not
I say I am ugly
you say not

I do not say how I feel
I do not show it
I do not need attention
I do not want it

I want the voices in my head to go away
I want to feel good
I want the good to stay

In the spring
All the flowers sprout
I try to hide myself
Because I have self doubt

Do not get mad
I know you do not understand
But you would if you felt this way.

I am sorry
I cannot control
I did not choose to feel this way
Who would?
But I guess it the price I pay.
For what? you may ask
I do not know
I but I know I did not choose it
And that is all I have to say.
I can not love you if I don't love myself first.

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