The Flower

A soft meadow a gentle sun
the grass so soft the color so green
a single flower that no one has seen
a flower alone for no one to love
just a day the sun so high
flew over to say to thee
why art thou sad
why shall you sit there to wilt
smile for the sun
but the flower was still sad
how could anything help
the meadow tried to rustle
but the flower was still sad
along came a girl one day
she smiled at the flower
the flower looked up
now the flower was picked an placed in a vase
the flower started to smile
the flower was happy an it was all because of this girl
But then the flower said to the girl
"why has you picked me for now I shall die"
The girl spoke truth with a tear in her eye
"you only live once for oh so long til its time to up
an be gone I once loved you but now its done an
I am sorry you shall die without the sun

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