The Flurries Fall

By Reverie   

The color white covers the sky
Letting loose its ice crystals, letting them fly.
Little by little, they grow bigger and more
As does my love; I know this for sure.

As the flurries fall, I can recall
That one moment, that for you I did fall
Like the snowflakes that whiz past me, right now
My mind sure does shout my memories real loud.

I remember every instance, every moment, every detail,
When my heart left the port, and went to set sail,
Across the sea called love, pushed by the wind
Far from the despair that I was about to fall in.

That was when I met you, when our eyes connected
When breeze took force, and guided me and lead
To the conclusion that I had finally found the one,
That all my fears were unfounded, and became undone.

The day I saw you, I fell and I knew
That as sure as the snow falling, the one was you.
Every detail of your being was sure and set,
Just like the flurries falling, the design: intricate.

With your bright green eyes, and the curls on your head,
That some other might catch your heart is my dread.
There's nothing else to say; the rest is untold.
If we're meant to be, then our love shall unfold.

And as the everlasting amount of flurries fall,
I clearly remember and surely recall,
Our very first interchange of real words
And not a single one of them did hurt.

Delicate and light, they floated to my heart.
They were short and sweet, and far from tart.
Just like the flurries floating by,
They fell from above, they fell from the sky.

The melodious tone of your voice, so unique.
And so unlike the world, where minds and breaths reek.
No, this was different, it was not from the world.
From another dimension, where notes and melodies unfurl.

And as the flurries fall, and I step lightly through white drifts
I realize how my heart beats and it shifts
At the thought of you, in my mind and my heart
It makes my whole being, feel safe and uncharted.

You were truly the first and the last,
You made me forget about my past.
I forgot what life was like before you came in
Before, where I was shoved by thunder and wind.

The one question for you, is this right here:
When you think of me, what do you feel?
With what I know, I can say the following
When you're by my side, I have everything.

Yours Truly,

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This Poems Story

Sequel to "The Rain Pours". Here, the narrator compares snowy climate to the love she feels for that one special guy in her life. Based on a true story.