The Fly Fisherman

By Spock   

He beats the sun to the water
Just to listen for a rise.
He knows what bugs are hatching
And this is what he ties.

His line is straight his casts are true
His knots are calculated
His rod is new.

The barb removed, the fish will survive
The challenge is on as the fish start to rise.
He studies the water and spies a lane
A Rainbow is feeding and so starts the game.

A light breeze is blowing
No shadows are cast.
He moves to position
He doesn’t move fast.

He feeds out some line
He’ll send to the wind.
He calculates distance
Before it begins.

The cast will be perfect
The fly lands so softly.
The current will carry
An inch can be costly.

The fisherman focused
All distractions on hold.
This is a Zen moment
Nirvana... behold.

The water she breaks
As the fish starts to rise.
A breath must be taken
As the fish takes the fly.

The fish is large
It’s one for the book.
The moment has come
He must set the hook.

The slack is all taken
The line she be tight.
The rod tip has risen
It time for the fight.

The monster is running
The current is strong.
One tiny mistake
And the fish will be gone.

The rod is held high
And the slack is reeled in.
The fish she be tiring
The net she’ll be in.

He’s landed the beauty
He’s found his peace.
He’ll catch a quick picture
Before the release.

A day on the water
A day in the fresh air.
A man has gone fishing
He hasn’t a care.

Scott Wolbers

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