The Fog

I stand in the Fog,
afraid to move.
I might Fall. It calls.
It wants me. I fear It.
The Crag, Hole, Mouth,
End, Edge, Crack, Ledge, Bottom, Pull.
All names for It.
It wants me,
but It knows I will not come to It.
It sends the Fog,
Confuser, Deceiver, Trickster, Liar.
It sends the Fog to fetch me,
confuse me, trick me, bring me to It.
I fear It, despise It,
but secretly, want It, need It.
I stand trapped, struck, frozen.
The Tug, Light, Meadow,
Life, calling me also.
I want to go,
but I fear the Fog and It.
I do not know where It is.
The Tug and Pull.
They fight over me.
I beg for them to stop,
for the Fog to life so I can walk away,
but the Fog will not fade.
I stand in the Fog, afraid to move.

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