The Folly of Shallow Pretense

A tuxedo on a fiddler, oh how it does impress
But if he doesn't know the tune, it's just a fancy dress
The appearance may deceive, but the truth lies within
For mastery of any craft requires more than just a skin

It's easy to get caught up in the glitz and the glam
To put on a show and try to be the man
But if you don't have the skills, it's all just a game
A hollow charade with nothing to gain

A fiddler in a tuxedo may look the part
But if he can't play the tune, he's just a work of art
For the real magic lies in the notes that he plays
The melodies that lift our spirits and light up our days

So let us not be fooled by appearances so vain
For true mastery is earned through effort and pain
It takes more than just a suit to make a player shine
It takes passion and dedication to create music divine

A tuxedo on a fiddler may catch the eye
But it's the skill and the talent that make the heart fly
So let us celebrate the musicians who know the tune
For they are the ones who make the world swoon.

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