The Fool

I am the fool, jocular in my way
The one that dances recklessly all along the edge
Babbling incessantly on ideals of romantic days
Senselessly swearing to any oath and pledge
Charging blindly and carefree towards anything
Into deep dark water, way up over my head
Laughing manically in enemy territory
And those evil places where angels fear to tread
I can’t help but to find all the humor
In that in which upon others is completely lost
The intricate ironies, follies and foibles that is life
And every single line that can be crossed
Yes I believe in fantastic dreams and notions
Imbued with the fact, that time is way too short
Let’s get to the heart of it, instead of going through the motions
And when it comes to drama, we need nothing of the sort
And yet You claim that I lack vital maturity
And that I have miles to go and so much yet to learn
While I snicker at your need for this supposed security
And chuckle as the world around us, continues to burn
I will be smiling with glee, while we are anticipating the drop
Both hands waiving free, as we descend from the top
My grin grows wider, as we roll on, picking up speed
I know I am just a rider, all control I did concede
For it is so easy for me to fall in love
I don’t let earthly things get in my way
And though I bring my collection there before her
There are limitations to how much she holds sway

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