The Forest

i wish he would see what we could be
because He is the branches and i am the leaf
i grow on Him but he grows on Her
She is the grass and He is the tree.

Spring comes around and He grows tall
She spreads more
But i will always stay small
There's a million more of me
i am never noticed
He is the tree and
He lives in the forest

Everyday passes and She grows closer
I stand by wondering why He chose Her

He grows fruit
And soon They fall
Even They get noticed
And They are small
But i am still hidden for
i am the leaf and
i live in His branches,

Summer arrives
i seem to have grown
His flower blooms and i wait here all alone,
Her evergreen is a long endless maze
And i live here in the strongest gaze

As the days end sooner
and His branches grow longer
He still sits right alongside Her
Because She is the grass
And She lives in the forest

They will always live in this green jungle
While i am stuck in this small huddle
The days become cooler
And fall draws near
And the ground becomes less clear,
my friends are falling hidden in her puzzle
As my time comes the other Leaves fall and They struggle

i’m on one last leg and a wind comes and i can't hold because of the pressure so
I fall to the ground watching Their love forever.

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