The Forest of Life and Death

A forest grows inside you as time slowly ticks away
Each beat comes striding onward as the trees creep towards decay
Emboldened entropy will patiently erode it all
Creeping up like ivy climbing up the trestle wall
A forest grows inside you for the time is in the trees
It whispers behind bark and it flickers through the leaves
For the Fates with their cruel scissors lie in every living soul
Trimming budding branches with dull shears as black as coal
A forest grows inside you like a river screaming death
Its sound so faint you'll never hear lives just behind your breath
You are dying in this forest growing tall and proud and green
Life's never looked so beautiful as when in twilight's sheen
Embrace your mortal forest for before it fades away
The tallest of the treetops will touch heaven's lunar sway
Until the end is nigh and looming closer in the distance
Take comfort in your forest and the infinite, existence

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