The forests..the birds…the unheard words

The forests...the birds...the unheard words...
Can you listen to them
What are they trying to tell us
Is it the deep gratitude
Or a little bit of sad attitude
Which they want us to hear
Why are we in such a hurry
That it's too hard for us to understand their fury
They are mad at us
They can't live...they can't sing
They question..."Why are we even existing??"
But did we actually want this to happen..
Ask yourself..are we good parents at all
Letting our children to tumble and fall..
Is this what was left to be seen
Kids learn not to be mean
Say sorry to them...feed them
Treat them as your loved beings
Then they won't cry..they will sing
Cheer you towards a better world....
Where all the places are filled and coloured
With the colour...Green

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