The Forgotten

Wandering nameless through a realm explored by few;
Slowly fading like a vapor in this world of imagination, I saw you.
Alone, you created a world that intertwined with mine,
Standing as beacon of hope; a lighthouse leading to a place so sublime.

Peering through the keyhole I awe at your creative works,
Attracted, through the keyhole into your bedroom innocently lurked .
Hiding behind plush toys and wooden blocks you spot me.
No one had seen me before; I thought how can this be?

He hands me a toy saying, "Want to play? Can we be friends?"
"Friends? I've never had one before, "I say unable to comprehend.
"I don't have any either; Maybe we can find out together." he says smiling.
"Ok," I reply hesitantly, "I guess there is no harm in trying."

We played all day together; from war to hide and seek.
He would peek some times but I didn't mind that he'd cheat.
The day soon came to an end; exhausted, his eyes began to close.
He invited me to stay; making a bed out of a box he had chose.

My eyes glistened as tears filled them for now I had a home.
A bed, happiness and an amazing new friend to call my own.
That night I could not sleep; my mind flooded with thoughts of what was to come.
But nothing in my mind that night prepared me for what we later become.

He was never ashamed of me; he introduced me to everyone, even his parents.
He would bravely say, "Mom, Dad, this is my best friend," and he named me, "Clarence.”
His parents look at him, bewildered as to why he would make me up.
But they would play along; silently hoping he would grow up.

And grow up he did while the hands of time stole the days from under us.
Each birthday less exciting than the last; they counted the years as I remained ageless.
The year not only took a toll on his body but the imagination he saw me through.
With every passing day I began to fade; a solitary drop lost in the sea of saddened blue.

He starts to focus on schooling and thing that are a bore to both him and I.
Anxiously I wait, setting distractions to catch his attention; begging to catch his eye.
But his focus does not falter for his success is intertwined with his studies.
So I continue to wait, waiting for day he returns to me; but soon after he married.

He finds a new house to call his own but struggles to afford it, so he works constant.
His wife, with a name I never learned, takes the rest of his time; every last instant.
So I play tricks on her; banging on pans or slamming doors, in hopes that she would leave.
But even through her terrified eyes, he would laughs it away and would not believe.

Surprisingly she hires a group of ghost nappers to find the source of her woes.
They say I am a demon or a passed resident that never left or aliens from UFOs.
Laughingly I play along while the set up cameras, videos and traps in hopes of my capture.
Leaving obvious attempts to reunite with my only friend; returning to his childhood chapter.

Unfortunately the message embedded must have been to difficult to decipher;
For they only summoned forth confusion accompanied with faith shaking terror.
They fled from house he could not afford; into one by the country far from his past.
Away from the person that haunted the house; Hoping to be rid of me at long last.

But, I followed for he is my only genuine friend;
I could not give up, for I know this I could mend.
To not bring more distress, I ceased from playing tricks on his wife.
I just sat back and watched; wondering when I would be back in his life.

The years passed, with both sorrow-filled hardship and star-studded joy showing there unique face,
Though they restlessly tried, no she bore no children to carry on his name; bring forth distress.
Depression filled the home for many years as they tired to overcome the sorrow of impotence.
But they realized that love is a bond not easily broken; using it to guide them out of their grievance.

A couple more birthdays passed and more useless gifts were given.
Soon after his 64th birthday, the doctor gave news that his wife was diseased stricken.
Sorrow filled his eyes with tears as the thought of losing her plagued his aged mind,
I grieve with him; eclipsing the joys of the sun and its vibrant life-filled shine.

Then the day came where her once bright burning fire, flickered, letting loose it's last spark.
Leaving him lonely, and burdened with the grief for the loss of the owner of his fragile heart.
His heart began to slow; for now it had not reason for it to continue to beat.
And the reaper came to claim him, but I fought him and refusing easy defeat.

I fought in no regards to my own health or abuse; for that's what friends do,
And the reaper fought back leaving bruises, broken bones and blood he had spewed.
Defeated, the reaper came and bewilderedly asked, "Why do you care if he dies or lives?"
"Because," I say mustering up strength, "he saved me from the abyss where I once was captive."

"If death is the cost for his noble deed he did many years ago, so be it; for he is my most dearest friend."
The reaper laughs saying, "His life will be taken but I will grant you this; to see him once more before his end."
Not able to fight him further; I agree to the terms and go to his side where he sat on a chair watching his life pass.
And he finally see me, "It's that really you? Clarence is that really you?" he hesitantly, and fearfully asked

"Yes," I say smiling, "I have been waiting for a long time, but you seemed so busy; so I hid."
"Clarence," He says in his aged voice, "I have been a horrible friend; leaving you out of all that I did."
"Could you ever forgive me," he says as rue floods his face. "I forgave you years ago my dearest friend."
He smiles as a tear rolls down his cheek; "Now my friend, " I say with a smile, "I will lead you through this life's end."

He closes his eyes as I hold his hand and the reaper takes the only friend I ever had.
A solitary tear escapes my grief filled eyes, returning me to the life of a nomad.
I watch as they lay the wooden coffin into the cold dark ground of my once vibrant friend.
While I slowly fade back into the abyss of imagination; knowing my heart will never mend.

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