The forgotten lady

[The lady forgotten] -A Shakespearean Sonnet.

Beneath the surface rests her soul alive,
She's waiting for the perfect time to rise,
She knows so well herself to fight and thrive,
So bolt but yet; too calm, so true her eyes.
(Quatrain 1)

She flies above the tender little moon,
With lovely dreams of watching Saturn rings,
Where stars are falling in the month of June,
With lots of daze; from boundless maze that brings.
(Quatrain 2)

But why o ma' of mine you hid yourself??
And why did not you walk the way you want??
The way you see things what others can't help,
So, why you chose to keep your soul dormant??
( Quatrain 3/Volta)

Some minds like you, so rare, but used so few,
And yet I feel a pride to come from you❤.....

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