The Forgotten Man

Once I was young, proud of my manhood, proud of my youth
I could run, I could swim, I could dance and I could sing
The world was at my feet, there was nothing I could not achieve
I had friends, I had family, I had a career-I had everything!

My home, a gathering place for family and friends alike
Endless parties, dinners and dances that continued through the night
Sing-a-longs, guitars, pianos and drums
No one was turned away-everyone was welcome!

My children, ah!, my greatest pride, my greatest joy
There was nothing I would not do for them, nothing I could deny
Endless trips to swimming, tennis, gym, piano and more...
A sense of being needed, a reason for living-I did enjoy it so!

Yet, here I am today, three score and some gone by
Plagued with an ailing body, confusion creeping over my mind
Weaving its relentless web through past and present times
Trapped in a frightening abyss of endless days and endless nights

In the far distance I hear the sound of music and happy laughter
I see my friends and beloved family living happily ever after
All so busy trying to cope with life's many ups and downs
They just do not have time for me-the lonely, forgotten man

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