The Fortunes of the Less Fortunate

I'm here alone in bed.
I'm always left alone. Just me in my head.
Appreciate yourself. Love yourself.
I demand myself to believe such things.
So alone again I am.
In this bed. Just me in my head.
Tonight I am pink. Radiant and bright.
I sleep as fuchsia. Ready to become a light.
I awake as fire. Red and burning.
To leave my house as ash.
Burnt out as the first sight of water I lay my eyes on quickly dims my light.
I will never be the water I desire.
For I will always be a flame.
A flame that lights only to burn out, waiting for the next time I feel a spark.
Until I once again, am drowned by the ocean of incomparable beauty surrounding me.
But atleast tonight, I will sleep as fuchsia, for the sea of endless beauty, must always sleep as blue.

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