The four stages of men

Heralding light peep out the Eastern Cor'n;
Smile shooting out his shiny bright face,
Awakening the land that sullen is:
Enter thus, the child in joyous jest;
Exhilarating the higher animals world.

Wandering high, high above the space;
Swirling over the eyrie height,
Unflincingly matured by nature made; he:
In anticipating vindication gest;
Superbly obstinate in soldier stoic

Eventide fortake its youthful lust;
Tediously moves he in supine mood,
Thus, vociferates in every turns:
In wandering thought of past, moan he;
Once youthful, lustful antic.

Now he in pale, shook trembling;
Nurtured by the thousand strained notes,
Slowly down he stoop over the moor:
Awaiting the judgement day in coff'n
When the trumpet shall blow.

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