The Friend A Foe

Barren, barren soul still cry;
Oh! All futile under the sky.
Cobra still you call me why?
Let me shed tears and sigh.

Bitter sweet and sour my past;
And beneath the tree I rest.
Leaves withered and no birds seen;
Thoughts vagrant and all alone.

Summer hot and pith his gone;
When we saw a brook so nigh.
And my thirst oh! Water quenched;
Red wine in my vein he drank.

I gave him blood my only wealth;
And hard my shoulder was his bed.
And turn his proved what fatal bite;
Gone in my soul so deep his fangs.

No foe could stand before my might;
For folk avowed his venom high.
And ere he drink all morn murmured;
‘Sweet your blood’ in unknown tongue.

Oh! His eyes what red that day;
When he saw the queen folly.
And fallen he her love venom;
Alas! Soul mine said ‘dead you are’.

Wrath her armour and a sword;
Soon appeared in black his soul.
Anon my cobra foe became;
And in my vein venom he filled.

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This Poems Story

(In this poem the poet calls his friend ‘’cobra’’(a treacherous friend). Poet gives every thing to cobra and at last he kills the poet. After death poet’s soul rests under a tree where the cobra comes again and asks him to be his friend. Then the soul sings a song.)