The Friend of Foe

Every human being that has ever breathed a breath
knows me as well as life, though I am much like death.
I am the passion of which the heartbroken sing-
for they know my voice, they taste my sting.
Every place I have been, every face I have worn,
I am the cries of grief, the tears of the widow's mourn.
My arrival, the distant thunder of war, on nightmares I take flight;
for sadness is my rejoicing and fear, my delight.
I am the highest cost of any dream or desire, the demon of joy.
What happiness means to create, I mean to destroy.
I control those who fall under my cruelest curse of hate.
Words you mutter at your foes are my echoes, the ruins of my weight.
Every tear, every worry, every ache that burns your soul is my gain-
For I am suffering, I am misery, I am pain.

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This Poems Story

I am fifteen years old. I live with two loving parents in a modest home in downtown Austin, TX. Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to write. Writing is the greatest therapy for me and really allows me to express myself. Plus, it's fun. A blank page is a blank canvas to me, just waiting for me to let my emotions form into words and thoughts that I can understand. My poem "The Friend of Foe" is a personification of the nature and being in pain. I've been dealing with a lot of stress and drama from high school, so I wanted to let out all that was hurting. I also wanted to write something I thought anyone could related to in some way.