The fruit of life. ( inspired from Matthew )

All fruits aren't of the same tree;
Though they fall and renew.
All fruits don't taste the same,
Yet they are pleasant to be of taste.

Fruits have personality, i would say,
Fruits our final verdict;
A taste of the finest word,
A taste of unending doom.

At first a seed from the maker,
on second, a tiny bud.
In season's time, bears a fruit;
The fruit of youth, the fruit of life.

Fruits have personality, i would say;
Seeds grow wrong, seeds grow superior.
Seeds grow tree, branches bear fruits,
Fruits have color, fruits flavored.

Seeds have a destiny, i would say,
To root itself on the fertile or the stoned.
A final taste of sweetness our sour,
A word of excellence or of dismissal:
From the mouth of our maker.

You and i, a seed;
In future, a fruit in the hands of our maker.
The fruit of life.

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This poem is an inspirational piece. inspiration drawn from the New Testament of the Holy Bible.