The Fulfilment of Destiny


My heart longs for thy beautiful long haired hazel
Eyed boy who overwhelmed thee with joy in thy
Park of thy land of idealistic dreams.
Within thy heart of mine lay a fear of thy
Boundaries he set between us at our last departure.
That of which may surpass my existence. Our
Eyes connected, our souls so heavily
Intertwined from thy moment we spoke he
Possessed an understanding of thee so deep
It was if a magical power from within he had
Released for thy sake of fulfilling thy
Unforgettable essence of what was to become
Of that day. Every aspect of thy life it affected
Thee. And as I lay in the midst of what is
Finally here, what I’ve been searching for
For what feels like 4 lifetimes he tells me he
Knows when I am smiling even when he
Isn’t near for he can sense it. But only thy
Smiles he has brought upon thy face of
Mine can he sense for tis thy joy within my
Heart he is so heavily intertwined in. The
Essence of his unsurpassed beauty lingered
On until my heart was hollow no longer.

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