The funny side.

One day a friend said to me,
“You`re always full of positivity.
So, what is positive about cancer”
And here is what I said to answer.
To be honest I thought for a while,
And then I told him with a smile.
I spend a lot less than you,
Because now I don`t need shampoo.
I don`t buy brushes to comb my hair,
Now there isn`t any there.
The plughole in my bath is clean,
If you understand what I mean.
And as for losing weight,
What can I tell you mate?
I lost a stone without even trying,
He laughed so much he started crying.
Nurses in uniform I see every day
And unlike you, I don`t have to pay.
With cute smiles and sexy wiggles,
We chat and flirt and have some giggles.
Now I am not saying that it`s easy,
Just finished chemo and feeling queazy
But if you laugh, a bit every day,
Better health will come your way.

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