The Future

Love has entered my life once too many times before
The question is when do I choose to open that door?
The door to my heart, to my world, to my soul that runs deep
That door is cherished, so close to me I will keep
Some people open this door of love for everyone that comes close
Not everyone is qualified, not even most
The qualifications are yours too choose but the decision must be wise
Choosing the wrong person can lead to fantasy, deception and lies
The future holds a lot for many, its all about what you want in life
Some people want a good job, a big house or just to be someone's wife
I on the other hand want peace of mind, heart, body and soul
That special someone to hold me when the world seems cruel and cold
In life, you'll meet many different people that's fun to be around
Some maybe caring,considerate and supportive when life get you down
But anyone can not come close to the door cause its buried deep
That door is cherishes, so close to me I will keep
Time, energy, thought and emotions is all an investment in searching
Love has entered my life once too many times before
The question is when do I open that door?
When a nice man gives a compliment, winks or takes me out for a meal
The emotions can be invested after you know how He makes me feel
Jumping into a pool head first is not the thing to do with your heart
Be honest, take it slow and set boundaries form the start
There are no rules to Love, just limitations of what you will take
Enjoying a picnic on a sunny day down by the Lake
could lead to a life time of peace, love and togetherness as one
Be careful to open that door just because you are having fun
That door is not for everyone so it must be guarded with wisdom

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