The Future lies ahead

Where does the future lie?
i’m afraid someday the future will die.
why does the future lie
to the race of humanity
who will eventually kill it?

find the ones who so accurately predict
and when the world ends you’ll then ask them.

but they won’t be able to answer,
their thinking won’t be straight,
‘cause they will never believe
what they actually see
when all of us are in hate!

we’d be fighting over a claimed corpse
like a lioness defends her prey.
protecting her kill
as animals will
thinking of themselves every day.

why does the future lie
to the flying dove above?
soaring free
to its destiny,
it knows why there is no love.

‘cause the lioness hardly ever looks up
to see how peace should be,
she takes care of her own
in a dark hole in a stone
where nothing else is seen.

so there we have it:
two different thoughts
from two different heights,
and the dove knows it can’t fly forever.

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    This Poems Story

    No matter how hard we may try for peace, it short lived. There will always be those that want to fight, that are those that want to war and will never understand what we mean by peace. They don\'t even try!