The Future

“She always had that about her,
That look of otherness,
Of eyes that see things much too far,
And of thoughts that wander off the edge of the World.”
As long as she’s living,
She’ll keep growing.
What does the future mean to her?
Can she see into tomorrow?
Is she imagining the future?
Although things never happen the way she imagines it?
What if she never imagined it all?
A thoughtless, desire-free creature she was
That couldn’t be
She had to imagine
To keep going
Painting her future into a beautiful mosaic
What if she’s missing out on the here and now?
Is she seeing reality through the shattered glass of hope?
If she can see anything,
It’s that we have to keep imagining.
Loafing on the tall grass of green color
Just to travel the continents
Close your eyes
Hide your mind into Nature
We can travel the World
With no baggage but our thoughts
Even if it’ll never happen,
I think we should keep imagining.
Because it just gives you that something
That something that you’ll always have about you

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