~The Game~

You play a dangerous game
I will not mention anyone by name
Those poor fools
You use them only as tools
You bat your eyelashes
And they sprint to you in 100 yard dashes
You flash them a smile
And for you they turn suicidal
Surrounded by all this attention
They lavish you with love and affection
But once you get bored
You cut their cord
You leave without saying saying goodbye
And he is left there wondering why
You use them and throw them away
They are left in your wake and in dismay
One day you will slip
And meet a guy who won't trip
Won't trip over your strings
Won't lavish you with things
He will use you and throw you away
And you will be left in his wake and in dismay
He will leave without saying goodbye
And you will be left there wondering why
You play a dangerous game my friend
While you're ahead...just make it end
If you come to me crying in tears
The only thing I will greet you with is my sneers

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