The Game Has Changed

fear is just the beginning we happy long as were winning
But losing is never choosing the outcome of every ending

Where women who claim they love you never seem to be sinning
And those who claim they're your friends only want what your giving

I'm missing pieces of puzzles that constantly cause me trouble
As i continue this struggle hoping one day to bubble

While seeing the truth and light is causing my sight to double
Causes things that are taken's mistaken as just a part of one's hustle

Baby's that become maybe's cause lovers to hurt there ladies
Whats killing today in a way was stealing back in the eighties

Generations is lazy as life is getting more crazy
Family acting shady while strangers blessing me daily

In these streets trying to regain things I've lost that's causing me pain
Others throwing my name in they conversations of fame

Seeking whats more to gain as i stand alone in this rain
Seeing this game that has changed will never remain the same

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    This Poems Story

    this poem is about the struggles on faces while changes are at hand.