The Game of Colors

You had told me it's okay, that you care
I told you I believed you even though you couldn't bare
Your words led me not, your opinion in two
Your respect in disguise, the lying only grew
You swore it was okay, as you had mentioned before
You had said I was loved even though my heart was very sore
I knew you didn't believe, how didn't I know
You had deceived and the lying will only grow
You pulled me into your little tricks
The game of colors destroyed my defensive bricks
You had decided that you were red, I was forced to be blue
Though through all the chaos it seemed as if purple wasn't for you
I had loved you, I didn't know why but it was true
I wish I hadn't, but you were you
More than you know, deeper than you think
During every second, heartbeat, blink
I wish you had opened your eyes and seen the truth
You should've understood me from the root
I had told you not to be confused, to please understand
Oh, I became broken just saying I loved you in the end

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This Poems Story

As an upcoming freshman, I realized that I wanted to make a contribution to the world through poetry. Books, movies, songs and even not-so-talked about challenges are the inspiration for my writing. Realism is what I strive towards. Also poetry is one way I express myself. Furthermore, without the love and support from my family it wouldn't be possible.