The Game of Life

"Gather round, and hear this tale,
a game where you can never fail,
the game of life with endless choices,
listen close, and hear the voices.

Follow any path you want,
don't let fear and danger daunt,
forge your path, your destiny,
for in this game, you're truly free."

And this is life? This game we joined,
attractive slogans that we coined,
but the truth, they didn't say,
to win this game, there is no way.

Some are born with preparations,
money, talent, good locations,
some are lucky, some are not,
some are spawned in deep distraught.

Either way, we learn to fight,
we work so hard to do what's right,
but when we think we have a decision,
we've been set up with sharp precision.

There is no way to win the game,
there is no way to play the game,
the hands that we were dealt were tainted,
this game, so dull, is harshly painted.

People all try to avoid,
the truth about this endless void,
they hate the game but can't stop playing,
they lose their gold but can't stop paying.

We're just actors in a play,
we've got nothing smart to say,
shackled in our own confusion,
freedom is the worst illusion.

I don't want to play this game,
I don't want to live the same,
I don't need to win or thrive,
I just want to feel alive.

We don't get to choose our path,
we don't have control on wrath,
why be harsh, and why be kind,
when all of us are deaf and blind.

No control, none whatsoever,
dancing like puppets forever,
despite the freedom humans claim,
we aren't the ones playing this game.

There's no one for us to blame,
there is no way to cheat this game,
there's no escape, you can't outwit,
this game, the game you cannot quit.

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