The Game Of Life

It's all about the game
It's all about how you claim your fame
Knowing how to shock and Awe

Watching those pretenders rise and laughing at them when they fall
Showing all the lessons that you teach
Giving everybody hope to see how high they reach

Knowing that the love you felt helped another
Or you can cause mayhem like Sons of Anarchy created by Kurt Sutter
Choosing is the way of your own creation

Will you choose to be in paradise or spend eternity in damnation
The trials and tribulations and bullshit masturbation's along with the fake expressions of commiseration
The game is hard and long only to be played by the strong

You can tell the weak ones from their cries and their songs
Though they are weak they are at times protected by the strong
Compassion is the key and love is the lock
Both are hard to get to like drilling through some unbreakable rock

The world so cold and hard almost void of heartfelt emotions
Not time to catch up in such fast perpetual motion
At time the game of life is called mission impossible feeling like I'm Ethan Hunt

Hunting for a peaceful resolution to my mission
But that's the game of life and the choices I've made have been long thought out decisions

Not tempted by another I have no cover
No shade to be covered under my decisions are bare for all the world to see
I'm not like John Cena who always says "You can't see me"

You can all see me and my methodical actions
For I have nothing to hide
As long as I keep my knowledge and my will at my side

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