The Gangster Life

The gangster life's a hard life.
Everyday full of sin.
Have your mom worried sick,
cause she don’t know where ya been.

Riskin’ my life as I walk out the door.
The streets are my home,
and fear is my floor.

Life is a ladder.
You just keep on climbin’.
When some steps are missin’,
You just keep on tryin’.

"Never give up."
That’s what my teacher told me.
"Keep on showin’ up",
that’s what my peers showed me.

Use my story,
as some extra motivation.
Make your family proud,
and start a new reputation.

Keep on growin’,
until you reach a certain height,
where only you’ll be standin’,
with no limits in sight.

Who I am now is who I want to be.
The gangster life’s an old life,
and that life ain’t for me.

(Inspired from the point of view of a student in Freedom Writers)

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