The Gaps in Between

Our way to peace is to bridge
the gaps between you and me,
maybe you're too far ahead or
you're too far behind,
perhaps the embrace of abundance
might flourish into our land, yet
the necessity of work are scorned,
perchance, my three spooned mouth
takes one to satisfy your hunger,
I couldn't imagine
what's between me and you

To bridge our cries is to fill
what is between you and me
to see the true form of humanity
like pigments used in the sky, together
they differ, yet in harmony.
Then there are those lenses who
in fact took force and seize,
with famine and impotence,
now the land once yours is
the land of promise.

Can we cross somewhere in between?

You, me, it's us! who
belong to the different colors
of the rainbow, in
different shades and tone,
hills of the lands,
mars or venus, different
prime mover of the universe,
or among the living and dying.
Our bridge is yet to be polished,
yet once it is, then, it will flourish.
It is on the hands of ours to fulfill the gaps,
no one will be far ahead or far behind
now, it is us shoulder to shoulder,
different in harmony,
It'll be for us now and
the new generation after.

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This Poems Story

This poem is inspired by the children and women that I had interacted with during my field works and volunteering in the Philippines.