The Generation with the Mark

We all have a dream to go somewhere
Who says we can't because we can go anywhere
If we let them decide our limitation
How can we be the hopeful generation
We can't limit the possibility we can just try to reach it
The sky is the limit so don't ignore it
People came and people passed on
That's sadly the way of life
But if their impact is left behind
And can be built upon
The possibilities are endless
Of what could be done
Don't ignore the weakness because of what you can't yet do
If we were to give up we'd never have reached the moon
We are the generation with the mark
We won't give up we will embark
On the journey we will find
Numerous ways and numerous times
The impossible could be within our reach
Reach for the stars don't say you're too weak
If you can eliminate all problems
And dominate all wars
Open the doors that could never be opened
If all the problems were behind bars
We wouldn't need a man who could muster up might
And gladly heed courage
While the time is still dark
Maybe just maybe
We can be the generation with a mark

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