The Genuine Article

Suspended in midair, hung like symbol in a square
The vines encrust and entangle
Symmetry defined: just a touch of mastermind
Near enough to be made out
Yet so far, far and away.
Step out to affix the eyes, gears turn amid the cries
Of morals gone and others come
The day has turned upon the one.
Warrior and sage accrue the wealth of none
But their own, forgotten, and alone.
Fallen upon the grass, the leaves they shield at last
The warrior and sage from cannon blast.
We hung suspended in midair, angels and tears
Our arms linked as though we, one.
The illusion of unity was cast
Like a die cast upon chessboard
The pieces all awry,
There's no chance at play here, either win or die.
The light hung like spent shells
Crackle and pop and fall to earth.
Aid the cries of doom and despair
Impending end chills the air.
Though were your plan to cheat the gods there really is no need
Eye divine sees all, even undone deed.
Clandestine eyes espied the crimes
Before ever crafted in a mind.

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