The Ghost

Looming around the dark, wandering aimlessly
Silhouette of a soul you can barely see
Pale skin and bloodshot eyes,
Hovering treacherously in the sky
The shadow cascading in that corner
Do you see how the moon shines on her?
We children thought they would leave in peace,
What we didn't perceive was their inception in our dreams
Trembling, she holds out her hand
I whisper her name, she starts to stand
I lure her with hope that one day she will reach the holy heavens
Frail body in all coming at me, tense
I thrust my hand out when the gleaming rays poke through
Day has beckoned, and my friend is missing without a clue
I tell the other children about my vision and boast,
That my surreal night was not imagination: I saw her, the ghost

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