The Giant and the Ant

The Giant and the Ant

You can't defeat a giant,
If you are an ant.
But the ant can defeat the giant,
With patience, and numbers.
Knowing the giant only uses its size to intimidate and fight.
The ant uses its intelligence, and numbers to do what he think is right.
The giant only knows how to stomp, and destroy anything in sight.
Realizing that the ant is faster, and has more fellow ants to fight.
For the ants wait patiently in the shadows, where they choose to hide.
Until the giant grows tired and lazy,
No longer able to stand.
Not wanting to fight, and not understanding the hate in his heart,
For something he doesn't know or understand.
The ant waits patiently then emerges from the shadows,
With numbers at his side.
Because an ant knows this giant is slow, tired and can no longer rise.
For all the giant knows is how to use his size as his only defense against those smaller than he is.
Knowing the bigger they are, the harder they fall.
The ants march on.
With such pride, and a taste for justice for all their fellow ants whom have fallen.
One ant, two ant, one hundred ant, one thousand,
Crawling, and dodging with vengeful sight.
Wanting to defeat this giant with all their might.
Until ant one thousand and three, decides to speak to the giant,
And ask him why, he wants to destroy all that's not like him.
The giant looks at one thousand and three, and says there are always too many of you,
Look can't you see?
I'm afraid of you,
You want to take me down,
But look it's a thousand of you and only one me.
What is a giant to do when this is all I see?
A Thousand of you will destroy me.
But one of you, I stomp to scare you away.
Hope you would leave me alone, I don't want you to stay.
For you will destroy my home,
And the place my children love to play.
For you all will defeat me,
For it's a thousand to one.
Can't you see?
Thousand and three looks at his fellow ants,
And realizes the giant never had a chance.
He looks at the giant with sorrow, and pity.
Then calls out to his fellow ants and asks to cease.
Explained and pleaded to the thousand, to set the giant free.
The ants listen intently, and looked at the giant with disbelief.
But listened to ant number one thousand and three.
For this ant was smarter than all the rest,
For this particular ant was the youngest and past the test.
He didn't understand to destroy something he never knew.
So instead of following the other ants,
He had the most respect, and chose to ask.
Why the giant was so cruel,
Now that he knows the giant was just as afraid of all one thousand and two.
There was an understanding that very moment,
That it doesn't matter who is biggest to the smallest.
Everyone judged what was different, which was wrong.
Not wanting to understand each other's differences instead they chose to destroy it all.
Rather than learn,
And teach what makes them different.
Understand that those differences will only make them strong.
No more being afraid of each other,
Just understanding both sides were in the wrong.
Thanks to the innocence of the youngest,
Not wanting hate to destroy them.
A miracle happened, a lesson was learned.
That it doesn't matter your differences, we can all live peacefully together with all that we've learned.
So ever since that day,
The giant and the ants chose to learn from each other.
Then created a truce that was never broken.

By: Misty Montagna
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