The Giant and The Dwarf

The Dwarf fell in love with the Giant,
Ridiculous to hear it, right?

Oh Giant!, Thy unreachable,
Dwarf that is so small

Why you two always had a gap?
Dwarf measured only in thou lap

Different in features,
also in status

Giant that is mere well-known
Why just thy ordinary Dwarf?

How sad to see,
Their bond, not free

Wanted to be together,
but it won't be consider

Limitations always exist,
Frustrations next to be felt

Both had different perspective,
but both had a same goal and both are pro-active

To give love with one another,
The other one must sacrifice for the lover

Happy moments,
Won't last forever

Thou art from above what is this mean?
Does this meant not to be destined?

Fate won't allow,
So, this time need to let go

Wanna know who's Giant is?
Remove the decors and check the spelling of it

You see the logic?
Well, it's a coincidence not magic

Now you know,
I'm happy for you

Always stay strong and safe
For Giant's future sake

Wherever you go, whatever you do,
Dwarf always here to pray for you

Simple act of support, isn't it?
but it's essential and powerful that means a lot

The best weapon is "prayers" and I want to share it 'coz that's what I've got,
Sacrifice? Yeah, albeit it's achin' my heart

In the near future there will be a reward to Dwarf,
What is it? That would be accomplishment and fulfillment of her dreams that awaits

Adiós y te amo, ?
God be with you

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Key Words : Thy will be done

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This Poems Story

Its about two people who are brothers and sisters in Christ. Giant is the lad and Dwarf is the gal. Both chose to sacrifice their feelings in a different way in order to be at peace and to reach their goals.