The Giants

Giants, slowly expanding into every region of our world,
filling up the vastness of space.
My eyes have seen everything of dust
and comprehended them all.
My stomach growled when the stars were not enough.
My mouth overflows,
filling every crevice between my teeth
and the valleys between my tastebuds,
with words so, so sweet,
Yet my jaws are aching--
they cannot move fast enough
and my gums hold nothing now but bloody sockets,
the only relic of what once was.
But my chest:
my chest still smolders with the stench of smoke,
my ribs remember the fire that was,
the branding that once brought bitter ash
to their inner rims
instead of stale flattery.
My bones incarnadine still,
I am hollow as a fireplace is hollow,
a cavernous tomb for a beast hibernating,
the den of a deity forgotten.
When our thrones became plush graves
phantoms stole the crown;
this utopia we created
reflects only our decay.

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