The Gift of the Woods

The woods, a certain gift they grant
To those most unsuspecting
The woods, the way that they enchant
To provoke arcane reflecting

Each step, taken deeper through the trees
The mind, becoming lost as it's set free

The leaves, vibrating with the gusts of wind
Through the canopy, the winds coil, twist and spin
Under branches and over roots
Carrying the sounds of crickets, croaks and hoots

The forest floor - covered, so powerful and still
What lays before the mind is neither chaotic nor tranquil

The sacrificing of energy, expended through the pace
As a step leads to another, within this commanding space

And suddenly, without force or provocation
A gift bestowed, upon the journeyman
His or Hers to behold, with utmost appreciation

A self-realization, a breakthrough or a vision
Equipping one with a most valuable provision
beyond words, the inability of an expression
a destination point, an answer to a question

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