The Girl

The Girl
The girl that was always there for you when you needed a friend. The girl that was always glowing with “happiness”. The girl that pushes her problems and stress away and focus on you when you needed her the most. The girl that could light up a whole room with just a simple smile. The girl that everyone takes for granted. The girl that says she, okay but cries in a corner of a dark room feeling alone trying to wake up from this nightmare she can’t seem to get out off. The girl that always says yes but her heart and mind are screaming out no...
The “picture perfect” girl with the “picture perfect” life. For everyone to see. A broken-hearted girl with pain, fear, anger, sadness filling her eyes like a river. A girl that covers up her bruises with makeup, scared that someone might find out the truth. A girl that is scared to come home to the wrath and rage of her mother and father. Where she is beaten down and broken over and over again by the same very people that brought her into this world. A home where she should feel safe and warm and loved. Instead, she gets nothing but curses and slurs thrown at her each day. Every day is a new day on the battlefield for her.
Right, when she walks through those doors words shot at her like fast speeding bullets. She has no place for cover. A girl that had once dreamed of her night and shining armour coming to take her away from the pains of reality. That he’d bring her to a beautiful open field filled with different flowers scattered all over. She’d be able to feel the sun’s rays kissing her skin and the warm whispering winds crassin her cheeks. She’d feel the greenest grass tickling the bottom of her feet… but somehow those dreams always turn into nightmares. Her mind is constantly running around in circles trying to escape those hidden monsters lurking in the dark. A girl that hides the agony and neglect she feels every day with a simple smile that didn't reach her eyes. A girl wanting to give up. A girl was starting to fade in the dark. A girl that couldn’t handle the pain anymore.A girl that was ready to leave this cruel and agonizing place we call life.

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