The Girl

The girl with the broken smile
She's had it for a while
Her eyes, exotic as a rare and wilting jungle flower
Her personality, radiant as the sun but her mind was dark and dreary
They didn't hesitate to specify every flaw she had
They played tough, never afraid
They looked at her with a menacing scowl
She buckled under the ferocity of the words they said
Her initial reaction was to back down, never defend herself
Her lip would quiver and her eyes red, about to cry
No one could tell that deep inside she was broken
She acted okay with conviction but she was slowly withering away
She trudged to school every day with a heavy pain in her heart
She decided that she didn't want to stay
The blade and her skin merged together, her life ended that day
They all pretended to care but didn't bother to shed a tear
It was all a convoluted lie
Now, the girl is free from her worries in the sky
She doesn't have to deal with heart wrenching problems
In the end she got rid of the chance of her life ever getting better
No first kiss
No falling in love
No growing old
Did she ever get to have a life at all?

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