The Girl He Left Behind

To the girl he left behind, this is for you, to move on.
To the one he claimed he loved and the one he always hugged.
To the girl, he wrote poems to and she never quite knew why.
To the girl, he hurt so many times but still, she managed to survive.
To the girl he left behind I understand it wasn't easy, but it was to be expected.
To the girl who loved him dearly and wanted no one but him.
To be there in the dark and shine a tiny bit of light in the dark lonesome abyss that is his mind.
To the girl that cannot seem to understand, he does not need you.
To the one who has been filling herself with every distraction possible.
To the girl whose life is falling apart, and everything has come crashing down.
To the girl who thought she could make a change. Oh, you were in for a surprise.
For he was lethal, and it killed everything inside of you, it left a hole that you will never let be fixed.
To the girl who was extremely guarded but for some reason you let him in.
To the girl who longed for his touch and his cold emotionless embrace.
To the girl who fell so deeply and is now stuck too far down.
To the girl he dragged down, oh yes he warned you...
He told you what he would do, he practically told you this would happen. Yet you turned the other cheek.
So to the girl he left behind, he didn't leave you, you chose to stay.
Beforehand all the terms and conditions were laid across the table. For you to pick your card.
For it was not him who left you it was you that still stayed.
To the girl who thought it was real. Oh honey, how could you? You cannot fall in love with someone you don't know.
To the girl with all the flaws, the constant childish outbreaks.
To the girl with the messed up attitude, don't you think you are at fault?
Don't play the victim of this heartbreak for you are not the girl he left behind.
You are the girl who chose to stay.
To the girl, you have to understand its time to move on. Let life run its course, you were a mistake. You paid the price
Congratulations, you have won your first heartbreak.

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