The Girl I Knew, Know, Dont Know

The girl I knew,
Who brought about these first feelings,
Nervous, anxious, insecure,
The library where you first held my hand,
Fingers danced,
Intertwining back and forth,
Who I kissed on the cheek,
You blushed,
Two years later and a country move,
Until you decided we were in love,
I missed you,
More than the miles, yards, feet , inches, centimeters it would take
to wipe the tears from those green eyes,
The struggle was worth the prize,
These far too short month long visits,
Where you would hold my breath at every stop light,
And I'd hold your head on these long rides,
They never had a purpose,
For no reason but to be alone with you,
We'd talk and laugh,
Under our breath counting the days,
You'd have to go back,
Praying the world would end,
To die by your side,
Was better than watching you leave,
I would have to hold your head in my shoulder,
Tell you it would be alright,
The plane could take you away,
But I reserve the right to chase it,
That one night the moon,
Made your eyes glow,
I held you tight,
You whispered I love you,
I love you too,
I still do,
Am I even over you,
The girl I knew.

The girl I know,
Is so strong willed and powerful,
I respect her so much,
Helps me seek reality,
When I'm losing touch,
Talked, Talking, Talk,
For hours on end,
So important is the time we spend,
My heart was racing the whole night,
I knew I had to let you know,
No show were the words to my mouth,
Panicked as I watched you,
Slowly walking towards your house,
My hand was shakily gripping the phone,
Pacing,waiting,waisting,racing, hating that ringing built up in my head,
You answered and I took stage,
You had met a guy, but were flattered,
My heart was happily tattered,
Happy for you, but torn in two,
Still my friend the girl I know,
Still gorgeous and strong,
Still brown everywhere I go,
Still my friend the girl I know,

The girl I don't know,
Why do you fascinate me,
Like an unfinished piece of art,
I'm drawing sketches of what you might be,
In the hallways hoping you notice me,
Shy and awkward,
Just like I'm shy and awkward,
I think we talked about bigfoot once,
When we both lock eyes,
And quickly turn away,
I sometimes catch a glimpse of what you might say,
You talk so smootly,
Its hard to forget anything youve said,
Which is funny,Because none of it is important,
But I have these logs in my head,
Paperback biographies,
Held together by thread,
I could destroy them,
But hold on instead,
I wonder if I'll even know,
The girl I don't know,
Maybe she'll be a girl I know,
Maybe she'll be a girl I knew,
Maybe she'll be nothing at all,
Maybe she's just something new.

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