The girl in red

Hate spewing
Rumours roar
Little girl in red has so much more
To tell about the the darkest night she sees Ocean of betrayal
And blackmail comes rushing to her feet

When she recalls the night
She loathes herself so Much more
The screams ,The sounds
The Shh don't tell anyone ! rings in her head
It's hard to put all these disturbing memories to bed

Here take the Candy,my good girl
The sounds never fail
to make her face pale
Now even her own house seems to scare as she passes the dirty aisle of clothes
forgotten to wash ..
To cleanse herself of
The invisible dirt ,
The shame she tries to wash

Scrub, Scrub ,Scrub

Until her skin is the
colour of the tint
she used to wear
when she was unconfined by her own thoughts

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