the girl in the shadow

why must i wake up everyday with out you.
when i miss you its seems like you don't care.
well here is me caring like i do everyday.
everyday of my life i see you but you don't see it.
its like there is a wall blocking your vision
between our lives.
but sometime it seems like you are looking at me.
but in reality your actually looking at her.
your still blind that she back stabs you all
the time and you don't see it.
your not the only man she has but the
funny thing is your the same.
you talk to the other girls like you care that she
is hurting you but your showing each other you don't care about love.
all you care is that she is you show girl no ones else.
the reason to that you both are unhappy when truly she dose care.
you think that she says that she is with you
because of your looks.
that not it she is with you because of who you
are and how happy you make her.
and there you are showing her off like she
is a prize winning medal.
then the day she is gone actually happy down
the road from twelve years you'll actually think
of her as the woman you actually loved in
school that never screwed you over.
you never know you love someone until you don't have them any more.
then you will regret letting her go when
you fell the true felling of love.

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