The Girl Unseen

I hear her voice from deep within
calling out from the veil so paper thin,
but when I look in the mirror, I can only see
the face of a tired man staring back at me.
Many battles have been fought in vain
in search of light in spite of the pain.
I struggle through life with great desire
to be free from shackles that fail to inspire
a wounded heart that has many times been broken
by many a wrong and words gone unspoken.
Yet, still I remain and continue to seek
the hidden form of a girl so frail and meek
kept bound by the hatred of a world gone astray
and locked by time that slips rapidly away.
Caught in the web spun by games others play,
I'm forced to submit to whatever they say.
Deep down, however, I secretly dream
of a place where only the sunlight does beam
upon a mystical forest with trees so green,
and where I can freely be the girl unseen.

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